Sunday, January 8, 2017

January 1-7, 2017


I hope your Christmas was filled with family, love, and many blessings!  We had a wonderful Christmas, and our time together was just what we needed.  Over the holiday season, our family grew by 5 chickens and 1 dog!  The kids are thrilled.  The dog I'm already in love with, and once the chickens start providing eggs for us, I'm sure my appreciation will grow.  :-)

We have been home more this last week, so I'm happy to say I've been cooking regular meals again!

Sunday:  Grilled Quail with Black Eyed Peas & Spinach Salad

  Chad grilled some quail that we were given from his dad, and I had some black eyed peas going in the crock pot all morning while we were at church.  Good luck for everyone on January 1st!

Monday:  Dinner at Mom's

Tuesday:  BBQ Sausage, Macaroni & Cheese, Rice, & Roasted Broccoli

  I browned some nitrate-free beef sausage in a skillet with a little BBQ sauce, which is always a kid-favorite around here.  For sides, we had macaroni & cheese, rice, & roasted broccoli.  (I snagged this picture as Chad was starting to eat...he plates always look better than mine because he fills them up!)

Wednesday:  Chicken Parmesan with Homemade Marinara & Zoodles

  I love the crockpot marinara from Skinny Taste, and I made a double recipe so we could have some for dinner and so I could freeze some for future meals.  It's so simple, and you can customize the spices and herbs to your liking!  Then I lightly breaded some chicken breasts with bread crumbs, salt, pepper, garlic powder and shredded parmesan cheese and browned and cooked them in the skillet.  Callen took care of spiraling the zucchini to make the zoodles for us, and I did a quick saute with a little olive oil, salt & pepper.  This dinner was full of flavor, healthy, and, while it used several pots, its actually quite simple.  :-)

Thursday:  Turkey Meatballs with Roasted Sweet Potatoes & Kale Salad

  I made the meatballs with ground turkey, parmesan, salt, pepper, Italian herbs, and an egg.  I baked them (loosely covered with foil) at 400 for about 40 minutes.  Then we all chose whatever sauce from the fridge we wanted on top of them.  These are also great to make more than you need and have as leftovers and also have for your freezer.  They go well in any sauce, diced up for tacos or quesadillas, or in a soup!

Friday:  Date Night with Family!

Saturday:  Chili & Cornbread

  We hosted all of Chad's family over here for the day, and with all of the cold temperatures we've been having, chili was the perfect meal!  Chad did all the work and made his yummy venison chili!

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