Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Walmart Grocery Pick-up...I Love You.

  A few weeks ago, I gave the new Walmart Grocery Pick-up a try.  I buy groceries on the first and fifteenth of every month, and sometimes, one of those days is highly inconvenient for a big shopping trip.   (I will post another time about why I shop when I do!).
  November 1st fell on a Sunday, and of course that meant the day before was Halloween.  Couple that with a crazy week in general, and we were almost fresh out of ALL groceries!  Seriously...this was my fridge.  And really...who doesn't have a half-gallon size of soy sauce in her fridge?

  I took advantage of the situation and cleaned the took like 5 minutes.  Extra bonus perk of the cash spending system!  ;-)
  Needless to say, we needed some groceries.  We didn't even have EGGS, which is almost like not having air if you were to ask Ranger.  But, as with many families, Sundays can be busy in the mornings, and then family time in the afternoons.  Because of this, I thought it was the perfect time to try Walmart's Grocery Pick-up.  I had seen a few people post about it, all with rave reviews.
  I am here to say, yes, it works, yes, it saved me time, and yes, it is AMAZING.

  I also feel like you should know that I am not typically a Walmart fan.  Walmart is more of a necessity some weeks than a place I enjoy shopping, and it's definitely never my first choice.  But shopping and they did all the leg-work for's incredible.
  I "shopped" on Saturday after I made my 2-week grocery menu for the first half of November.  Another wonderful keeps track of your bill as you shop, so you know EXACTLY what you are spending!  No surprise at the check-out!  Then, I picked a time when I wanted to pick up my groceries the next day.  The Walmart that is actually the closest to me doesn't have this service yet, but there are 2 others not much farther away.  One of them had time available on Sunday, and I chose the 8:00-10:00am slot since we don't have church until 9:30.
  I showed up right at 8:00, called the number in the special designated spot, and in about 5 minutes (perfect timing to check out Facebook), a nice lady walked my HUGE order of groceries out to my car.  She went over it and noted the 2 items they didn't have in stock and also 1 or 2 substitutions on my list, and then had me sign an adjust copy of my receipt.  Done and DONE!

  Since we usually buy everything with cash, that was one thing I had to adjust.  But, I simply put this transaction on our credit card and then subtracted that amount from the amount of cash I usually take out of the bank on the first of the month.
  I will absolutely shop this way again.  Not every time because I still like to alternate Walmart with Costco, Aldi, and Sprouts, but it was incredible.  Of course it saved me time, but I know without a doubt it saved me money because there were no opportunities for "impulse buys."  :-)  If you can plan ahead, know what brands you like and the amount you need, and have your budget in mind, I highly recommend giving this a try!

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  1. Grocery shopping twice a month? I am interested in hearing more. How do you keep things like fresh fruit and veggies from going bad in that time period. I mean, I have a green pepper I bought Sunday night that was bad today when I went to grab it for dinner! I think we need a girls night devoted to meal planning/grocery shopping tips