Monday, August 28, 2017

August 20-26, 2017

  Well, school has started around here, so that means we have some semblance of a schedule again.  I am slowing finding my meal-planning rhythm again and my weekly posts should be regular occurrences once again.  :-)

Sunday:  Rotisserie Chicken with Spinach Salad, Macaroni & Cheese, & Fruit

  This is still an easy meal, but it's one that we all enjoy on a busy night!

Monday:  Chicken & Apple Sausage with Roasted Sweet Potatoes & Green Beans

  We all love sausage, so when I find a good deal on a nitrate/nitrite free chicken or beef sausage, I always know it can be one of our dinners during the week.  I sliced this sausage and browned it in my skillet, adding in a little BBQ sauce right at the end of cooking.

Tuesday:  Chicken Soft Tacos with Roasted Broccoli

  Taco Tuesday!!  This week, I used some of the rotisserie chicken left over from Sunday night's meal.  Each of our plates looked a bit different based on how we wanted our tacos or nachos.  This picture above is my plate.

Wednesday:  Honey Lime Tilapia with Roasted Carrots, Zucchini, & Mushrooms and Brown Rice

Honey Lime Tilapia
  I haven't made this tilapia from Mel's Kitchen Cafe in a long time, but it is quite yummy and can be ready in no time.  The kids always eat this right up!

Thursday:  Hot Dogs & Fruit

  I had a meeting this night, so Chad made dinner.  :-)

Friday:  Pizza & Movie Night!

Saturday:  Dinner with Friends

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