Monday, February 22, 2016

February 14-20, 2016

Sunday:  Valentine’s Day Breakfast for Dinner <3

  We celebrated our Valentine’s Day together at home with the kids and also my mom.  We had cinnamon raisin French toast with berries, pure maple syrup, and powdered sugar, scrambled eggs, and bacon.  It was a perfect way to remind my people how much I love them!  J

Monday:  Dinner Out with Family

Tuesday:  Hot Dogs, Chips, & Spinach Salad with Mango

  Tuesday evening marked the beginning of Spring baseball for our family.  Callen is playing t-ball for the first time, and his first practice was this evening.  Chad just had ankle surgery the week before, so he wasn’t able to go.  But, he was able to stand long enough to grill some all-beef hot dogs from Costco for us.  When we arrived back home, I just added chips and an easy salad, and our meal at home was ready in no time!  Hot dogs may not be gourmet, but it did allow us to eat at home as a family rather than running through a drive through.  I’m not saying we will never eat out on Tuesday or Thursday nights after baseball practice…some weeks it will just happen!  But, I will try not to make in a habit, both for our health and also because we are on a cash system and eating out is a treat, not a regular occurrence.  J

  As a bonus, I will say that having mango on our salad meant that we didn’t even use any dressing!  The fresh mango was so sweet and juicy, it didn’t need anything else!

Wednesday:  Dinner with Small Group

Thursday:  One Pan Cheesy Smoked Sausage Pasta

  Now for Ranger’s turn for baseball to start!  Chad still wasn’t able to go and stand for a full practice on his ankle, but we are fortunate that we live in the neighborhood with our good friends, one of whom happens to be Ranger’s baseball coach!  So, I took Ranger and his buddy to practice, and Brad was able to bring Ranger home after.  That meant I had time to cook dinner and have it ready when Ranger arrived home.

  As soon as I started cooking the sausage and onions, I knew this recipe would be a HIT!  Our house smelled SO AMAZING, and I couldn’t wait for dinner!  This is a one-pot meal, which is perfect for a busy night.  I also used veggie pasta, and while I realize it’s not as healthy for us as eating a big batch of fresh veggies, it sure made this dinner easy, and I’m happy it worked out this way.  I used all-beef, nitrate free sausage, but you could obviously use any sausage you prefer.  This dish could be altered to fit your family very easily.  We all cleaned our bowls on this one!  I liked this so much I went to Pinterest and followed Yellow Bliss Road just so I would remember to try more of her recipes in the future.  J

Friday:  Sliders, Sweet Potato Fries, & Salad

  Family movie night!  Little burgers are always a hit!

Saturday:  Venison & Veggie Tacos

  Our nephew, Davis, is staying with us for a few days, so I wanted to make sure I made yummy dinners he would also enjoy.  Tacos are always tasty, and using some the ground venison Chad has in our freezer also makes it really economical!  I always add in small (like really small), diced veggies to our taco meat…this time I added in zucchini and carrots.  Then, all you need to do is season it to your taste, and you are good to go!  I don’t even buy taco seasoning, as I always have on hand in the pantry all the spices that go into one of those little packets…minus anything they add in that there really isn’t any need to have.  J

  I warmed up some Tortilla Land flour tortillas (I buy them from CostCo, but I’ve seen them at Sprouts and Walmart in smaller packages….corn tortillas too!) on a skillet, and our dinner was ready!  For the kids, I folded theirs over like a quesadilla.  Since the tortilla and meat were hot, the cheese melted pretty easily.  Chad and Davis made soft tacos, and I made a taco salad.

  As a bonus, I intentionally made a double recipe so that we would have enough meat leftover for venison nachos after church on Sunday!  In only 20 minutes, I had our Sunday lunch ready to go simply by placing the meat on top of chips and topping that with shredded cheese and warming it all in the oven until the cheese was bubbly!  These nachos were a big hit with Chad and Davis….I kind of like cooking for a hungry teenager!  J

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