Monday, February 2, 2015

January 25 - February 1, 2015

*This menu has a bonus day at the end.  J  I won’t be posting a menu next weekend, but I should be back the week after!

Sunday:  Leftovers

Monday:  Ranger’s Birthday!  Mooyah…at his request.  J

Tuesday:  Whole Wheat Banana Waffle Sticks, Scrambled Eggs, & Fruit

·          Chad was out of town, so breakfast for dinner was a must.  To make our waffles a bit healthier, I sometimes make them from scratch using whole wheat flour.  This time I also added some mashed bananas and ground flax seeds.  The kids love them!

Wednesday:  One Pot Ziti with Caesar Salad & Bread

·          My mom made this recipe several months ago, and it seemed perfect to have for dinner on a night when we had some friends over.  It makes quite a bit of food, and I doubled it, so there was plenty for everyone, plus some for leftovers, plus some for the freezer!  I even made a small batch the next day to take to some friends from church who just had their first baby.  The kids liked this one as well!  J  From start to finish, you can have dinner on the table in under an hour with very little actually work involved.

Thursday:  Quinoa Patties with Roasted Broccoli

·          My friend Meredith shared this recipe with me because her family loved it so much.  I’m so glad she did because my family loved them as well!  It’s from a site called Frugal Living.  Meredith even used some delicious frozen quinoa with kale from Costco that we all love, but I was out, so I made quinoa the usual way on the stove.  My kids gobbled them right up.  We all had our own various dipping sauces, which was really fun.  I added some roasted broccoli, and our meal was full of protein and veggies!  Chad thinks they would also be tasty with half quinoa and half ground venison (or whatever meat you have on hand), and I agree.  J

Friday:  Crescent Roll Turkey Dogs with Fresh Bell Pepper Slices & Fruit

·          I was out of town for a quick girls’ trip, so Chad was in charge.  He and the kids made their own crescent roll turkey dogs, and apparently everyone made a happy plate!  He sent me this picture with the caption "Boom!"  Hehe...

Saturday:  Chicken Fried Venison with Roasted Broccoli

·          One more night of Daddy being in charge, and he did not disappoint!  He made some chicken fried venison and roasted broccoli that resulted, again, in happy plates by everyone!  I think I may leave more often.  ;-)

Sunday:  Chicken & Broccoli Pasta Alfredo

·          Because I arrived back home late on Saturday night, Chad also thought ahead for our Sunday lunch after church and set out the chicken we had frozen from making Hawaiian Grilled Chicken a few weeks ago.  When we came home from church, he sautéed the chicken with broccoli and boiled some pasta.  He added a small amount of alfredo sauce for a delicious meal we all really enjoyed.  I think I’ll keep him around. 

Have a great week!  There won’t be a menu this week due to our crazy schedules, so look for our next menu in 2 weeks!

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