Sunday, October 23, 2016

October 17-22, 2016

*  We took some time away to take a vacation to DisneyWorld with the was amazing!  But, we are home now, so it's back to cooking.  :-)'s sort of cooking.  We didn't eat out much, but nothing was really a made-from-scratch meal either.  Transitioning from DisneyWorld has been tough for me.  ;-)

Monday:  Frozen Lasagna, Steamed Broccoli, & Garlic Bread
  We had just flown back home that day, so I pulled a frozen lasagna from the freezer and served it with steamed (also from the freezer!) broccoli, & garlic bread.  It wasn't a made-from-scratch meal, but it was a meal eaten at home, which we all appreciated.

Tuesday:  Sandwiches
  Chad flew to California for work, and Callen had a baseball game, so I made sandwiches for the kids and a salad for me before the game.  Then of course, they had a snack when we arrived home from the game.

Wednesday:  Pepperoni Crescents with Fresh Fruit & Veggies

  Always a kid-favorite!  It's just mozzarella cheese and turkey pepperonis wrapped up in crescent rolls.  I serve ours with fresh fruits and veggies to round out the meal with a few healthy items.  ;-)  Everyone's plate looked a little different based on their favorite fruit or veggie choices.

Thursday:  To Each His Own :-)
  I had a ladies dinner with our church, so the kids had dinner with their aunt, uncle, & cousin and then Chad picked them up after he landed.

Friday:  Pizza & Movie Night

I took a picture to make myself feel better about my efforts for meals this week.  Ha!

Saturday:  Dinner at my Mom's
  My brother and his family were in town, so we picked up Zoe's Kitchen, which is a great, healthy take-out option.

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