Sunday, June 2, 2013

May 26 - June 1, 2013

After a 2-week hiatus for vacation, the blog is back!  Hope you enjoy!

Sunday:  Grilled Chicken, Roasted Veggies (sweet potato, yellow squash, zucchini, onions), Whole Grain Bread, & Blackberry Crumble

We had Chad’s parents, uncle, & aunt over for dinner.  I marinated chicken in pineapple juice, soy sauce, red wine vinegar, & garlic powder all day.  Chad threw it on the grill for me.  (I love grilling time of year!)  Then I diced up our veggies into small cubes because I wanted it to roast more quickly.  (400 for about 20 minutes.)  It ends up almost being a vegetable “hash” which we really like.  The sweetness of the sweet potatoes balances nicely with everything else.  Add some warm bread with butter, and we had our meal!

For dessert, I made an easy Blackberry Crisp (  The original recipe uses blueberries, but I used blackberries instead.  Also, I didn’t have any lemons, so I subbed pineapple juice.  I was out of corn starch, so ours was a bit runnier because of the blackberry juices.  But it was still delicious served with some vanilla ice cream!  Bonus…this recipe is gluten free!

Monday:  Memorial Day with Friends!!

Tuesday:  Sweet & Spicy Pork Tenderloin with Rice, Roasted Broccoli, & Bread

Sweet & Spicy Pork Tenderloin
·          This wonderful recipe is courtesy of my friend, Meredith.  It is very flavorful, and it's not too spicy for the kids.  Spray your crockpot with Pam.  Add a pork tenderloin (these are often on special at the store!).  Add half of a jar of apricot preserves and half a bottle of Sweet Chili Pineapple sauce from Target (I'm sure anything sweet and spicy would work!).  Cook on low for 6 hours.  During the last hour, shred the pork so the tasty sauce runs over all of the meat.  Serve it alone or over rice.  *Tip – The leftovers are great in burritos or with nachos.

Wednesday:  Dinner with Mom

·          Chad had a work dinner, so the kids and I headed to my mom’s for our dinner!

Thursday:  Ground Chicken Tacos with Chips

Ground Chicken & Veggie Tacos
My friend, Meredith (who is getting a lot of mention this week!), made these tacos for us after Payton was born, and they are delicious.  It’s one of those dinners that tastes just a little different every time we have it, but we always enjoy it!

Ground Chicken or Turkey  (I used 2 pounds.)
Finely chopped/diced veggies of your choice (I used 1 zucchini, 3 big carrots, & 2-3 big handfuls of spinach.)
1 Can Rotel (mild for the kids!)
Taco Seasoning
Olive Oil
Minced Garlic

Cook the chicken with olive oil & minced garlic until no longer pink.  Add your finely diced veggies, Rotel, & taco seasoning.  Mix it all together until everything is heated through.  Serve with tortillas or chips of your choice.  We used corn tortillas and topped with some shredded cheese.

This ground chicken is delicious and healthy and very easy to freeze and have on hand for other meals.  I always make more than we need because it’s such a good leftover and great to freeze.

Friday:  Avocado Chicken Parmigiana, Roasted Green Beans & Rainbow Chard, Whole Grain Bread

·          This is such a great time of year for avocados, and this recipe is a wonderful way to serve them.  It was easy and delicious…2 of my favorite things!  We will absolutely have this again!  (

Roasted Green Beans & Rainbow Chard
·          Both of these roast well on 400 or 425.  Toss them both with olive oil, salt, & pepper.  Shred some fresh parmesan over the green beans.  The chard will only take 10-12 minutes, so keep your eye on it.  The green beans will take closer to 20.

Saturday:  Hamburger Sliders with Oven-Baked Sweet Potato Fries

Chad fired up the grill again for our hamburger sliders.  Cheeseburgers are just about Ranger’s favorite food, so he is always excited when they are on the menu.  Sliders makes it a little more fun.  Plus, we were able to have a few different varieties.  Chad made an All American version with cheese, lettuce, & tomato, as well as a tricked-out version with avocado & Feta cheese.  Delish!  We served them with roasted sweet potato fries and cherries fresh from our Farmers Market that morning.  J  

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