Sunday, February 24, 2013

February 17-23, 2013

Sunday:  Baked Tacos, Cilantro Lime Rice, Roasted Cabbage

*These were delicious!  The boys even ate them without much prodding.  As with many of my recipes, I found it on Pinterest.  (  I did use her recipe for making my own taco seasoning, and I highly recommend it.  It's cheaper and better for you than the packets you buy from the store.  I attempted the homemade hard taco shells, but they were a bit chewy, so we used store-bought instead.  I'll try them again the next time!  These made a good leftover for lunch the next day.
Cilantro Lime Rice
*My friend, Meredith, makes the most delicious cilantro lime rice.  I'm working on living up to hers!  Just make rice, then add butter, cilantro, lime juice & zest, & a little garlic salt.  Yum!
Roasted Cabbage
*  Hands down, my family prefers roasting vegetables to almost any other way.  For cabbage, just chop it up into bite-size pieces, toss with a little (not too much!) olive oil, salt, pepper, & lemon juice, and roast at 425 for 20 minutes or so.  Stir it around half-way through.  You'll know it's ready when the edges start to turn a yummy brown color!

Monday:  Honey Mustard Pretzel Chicken & Sauteed Spinach

*  Super yummy!!  Another Pinterest find (Cinnamon Spice and Everything Nice).  The dressing is delicious, and I found myself finding things around the kitchen to dip in it.  We had the leftovers for lunch the following day.

Sauteed Spinach
*  The trick for sauteed spinach is to not overcook it.  Heat olive oil and garlic in a saute pan.  Add the spinach - remember it wilts down to almost nothing, so add a ton!  Stir it around in the oil, add salt and pepper, then put a lid on your pan and leave it for 1 minute.  Stir it all around again, making sure all the spinach has some oil on it, put the lid back on, and wait 1 minute.  At the end of this minute, your spinach should be perfect!  I topped ours with crumbled feta...a fave!

Tuesday:  One Pot Spaghetti, Roasted Parmesan Cauliflower, & Garlic Bread

*  We were very pleased with this.  It's easy, and the chicken broth gives it a completely different flavor than traditional spaghetti.  I will definitely make this again!  (Thanks to Fantastical Sharing of Recipes!)

Roasted Parmesan Cauliflower
*  Cauliflower is a recent favorite for Chad and me.  We've been part of a produce co-op, and it taught us to like vegetables we had forgotten all about!  Roasting cauliflower with a little olive oil, salt, & pepper makes it yummy and golden on the edges.  Then I topped it with a generous amount of freshly grated Parmesan (buy the big wedge and shred it yourself, rather than the pre-shredded in a's totally worth the extra effort), and we ate all of it!  The boys will eat it too, although I'm not sure they would say they love it (just yet).

Wednesday:  Leftovers!

I love having a leftover night during the week.  It stretches the budget as well as making me feel like I almost have a night off from cooking.  We had the spaghetti again, but I warmed it in the oven topped with a little fresh parmesan and mozzarella, making it more of a baked spaghetti dish.  I served it with a spinach salad.

Thursday:  Chicken Pot Pie Cupcakes & Spinach Salad

*  My kids will eat most things if they are wrapped in a biscuit or crescent roll, so I knew these would be worth a shot.  They were tasty!  It was also nice because I prepared them early and stuck them in the fridge, so before dinner all I had to do was toss them in the oven.  (Sunny Slide Up)  Payton loved these as well.  It made quite a bit!  I used rotisserie chicken because I love the flavor and simplicity.

Spinach Salad
*  One small note about salads.  I've started making our own dressing, and we won't go back to store bought.  It's so simple to add a little olive oil, balsamic vinegar, & fresh squeezed lemon or orange juice, then toss your salad with it.  Try it!

Friday:  Cheeseburger Soup, Caesar Salad, & Bread

*  We said this tasted like potato soup with beef.  It was great!  It does have quite a bit of chopping involved, so I was glad I started it during the kids' naptime, then just had it on warm for a few hours before dinner.  It was great for lunch the next day too!  (The Recipe Critic)

Saturday:  Baked Buttermilk Chicken, Roasted Ranch Potatoes, Parmesan Green Beans

*  Delicious!!  I will be making this again!  It's not the healthiest way to have chicken, but I never said all my meal planning was healthy.  :-)  (Group Recipes)

Roasted Ranch Potatoes
*  I quartered new potatoes, tossed it on a cookie sheet with olive oil and dry Ranch dressing mix and roasted at 425 for 35 minutes or so.  Yumminess!  I mean, it has Ranch on it, so how could it be bad?  

Parmesan Green Beans
*  Toss fresh green beans with olive oil, salt, & pepper and sprinkle with fresh parmesan.  Bake at 425 for 15-20 minutes until the green beans are tender and starting to turn golden brown on the bottom.  These are so good, I have them for an afternoon snack sometimes! there's the first week!  I hope you find some recipes you enjoy. 

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  1. These are fantastic! Thank you for sharing! I hope you will keep it up!